Steam Rocket - User Guide


DNA 75/250 color is a made in America patented chipset that is one of the best designed microchips for vaping available today. The chipset is not only unique but also customizable using the eScribe software available from evolve free of charge.

The custom menu design on the Steam Rocket was developed using eScribe and is available in several colour schemes HERE. Connect the device using a USB and a compatible mac or pc to update the firmware, mod settings and the theme.

DNA chipsets have many built-in features to protect the user and the device. It features a 9 volt cutoff, atomizer protection, overheat protection and reverse polarity battery protection among many.

Visit for more information and extensive details on the DNA colour chipsets.


Please inspect the device prior to using it. If upon inspection you are unsatisfied with the product you may return it (a restocking fee may apply for a refund). If your device is defective please contact us immediately to resolve the problem. All Steam Rocket devices are carefully inspected prior to shipping to ensure functionality. Used devices can not be returned for a refund, including dry firing a device with a tank or a dripper. 

In the case of any problems operating or potential failure of the device please contact us immediately so we may help find the problem.

Dismantling, removing screws or interior snap fitted doors may cause damage and will void your warranty. Only do so if you have been provided instruction to do so by Steam Rocket Vape. Do not attempt to disassemble the device as it will void the warranty. The compact nature and precision components of the Steam Rocket require specialized knowledge to service and repair the device.


Wrap Door Models

To open the door hold the mod sideways with the door facing the palm of your hand and push your thumb against the door notch with the other hand.

You can also pull on the door notch with your fingers and hold the mod from the top and bottom facing outwards.

Pocket Door Models

To remove the pocket door, you can pull on the small tab on the right of the door however this may be a really tight fit and difficult to remove before the clip has worn in.

You can also insert your thumb into the squonk hole with a pulling/sliding motion out from the bottom

When inserting the door take care to ensure the notch on the left is seated well before snapping the clips closed.

You can remove the battery ribbon by pulling it out of the slot to change the color or remove it completely.

Inserting Batteries

Use caution when first inserting batteries as the fit can be tight. Not all size batteries are exactly the same, and the precision nature of the contacts may need to be adjusted to fit properly. It is advised that you double wrap your batteries and be sure there are no defects in the wrap and the positive insulator. 

Insert the positive side first about half way on a slight angle and finish with the negative side, sliding the battery straight into the device. This will help avoid damage to the wraps. Over some time and use, the contacts will self adjust to the battery providing a smoother insertion and removal of batteries.

In the case of your battery not making contact, you can lift the tabs of the battery contacts gently to obtain proper battery contact. Note that some batteries are taller than others so you may need to adjust accordingly. Avoid over adjusting/lifting the contact as the space is very tight and in all cases only require very slight adjustment.

Inserting batteries will boot the device automatically in the lock screen mode. Press the fire button 5 times to unlock and lock the device.


Do not over tighten the atomizer on the 510 of the Mod. The 510 is spring loaded and only needs to be fitted snug to the Mod. Over tightening may cause the 510 to become loose and/or lose proper contact. Be sure to check the contact bolt is tight if it does become loose.

Avoid using atomizers with a slotted 510 BF/Squonk pins. These pins may cause leakage on the outside of the contact point on the 510, and seep through the insulator of the 510 pin inside the mod.

Some atomizers with an o-ring at the base may become stuck to the 510 deck. Over time and use, the 510 deck can also get hot, which may cause the atomizer to become stuck to the deck and dislodge the 510 or make the ground connection loose. It is advised that you remove these o-rings from the atomizer to avoid this before use. 


Please take extra care to wipe any ejuice immediately with a damp/wet cloth or paper towel. Some ejuice may stain or discolour the mod and can be permanent if not cleaned well immediately.

It is advised that regular cleaning be performed on the 510 connection to clean up residual ejuice that can affect resistance readings. To do so, hold the positive nut where the wire is connected to the squonk pin assembly, then loosen the pin connector with a flat head screwdriver from the top of the 510.


Steam Rocket squonkers are devices that push ejuice up through the 510 connector which houses the atomizer and your coil. As it saturates the coil, the bottle will back pressure excess juice into the bottle.

It is normal that a very small amount of ejuice over time may seep through the 510 pin and past the o rings. Cleaning the 510 assembly or changing the small o ring inside the 510 connector will prevent leaking and is considered regular maintenance.

Filling the Squonk Bottle

One way to fill the squonk bottle is to unscrew the top cap; fill the bottle about 80-90%; and before you screw the top cap on carefully squeeze the bottle slightly to create back pressure; screw on the top as much as you can while keeping slight pressure on the bottle; once top cap is on enough release the bottle back pressure and tighten the top cap. This will help reduce spillage from the feeding tube.

The other way to fill the squonk bottle is to squeeze out as much air as possible from the bottle while connected; remove it from the connection pin while keeping it squeezed; connect the feeding tube to a juice bottle and release the squeeze on the squonk bottle; squeeze your ejuice bottle to fill juice into the bottle until the bottle takes form; flip upside down to shoot air back into the squonk bottle; repeat filling until the bottle is 80-90% in form to ensure back pressure; remove the juice bottle and reinsert into the 510 pin.

It is highly advised that you have an atomizer that is ready and compatible with a squonking pin screwed into the 510 of the mod before inserting the squonk bottle, as inserting the tube on the bottle to the connector can feed ejuice when installing. Lack of a connected atomizer may squeeze juice into the 510 connection area.


Steam Rocket Vape will not be held liable for any damage or harm caused by the use of this device. This device is for advanced users and if used improperly can cause severe harm to ones self, others and property. It is the users responsibility to understand the risks and dangers with this device before using it.

This device uses powerful, removable high amp discharge batteries which can be dangerous if proper care is not taken. Some batteries may be defective from manufacturing or have invisible defects that can cause them to become explosive or violently discharge energy becoming extremely harmful.

Use extreme care to inspect batteries before using to ensure there are no tears or rips in battery wraps. Pay close attention to the positive insulator as this is the another important part of battery protection. Be sure it is not wet or has any tears or other damage to it. This prevents the battery from potentially shorting out on the contact and causing a catastrophic failure.

There is no battery door protection so it is advised you only fire the device with a battery door inserted as a safety precaution.